Herwig Andreas Peschka

Date of birth: Nov 4th 1970

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Born in Vienna, Austria I grew up in a city full of passion for its own culture.

Thereby inspired I started to express myself and my feelings for life and the world around me.

Being creative, even in the most little ways, was very important to me and I decided to turn this hobby into a living.

I signed up at the college of economics and advertising in Vienna, where I took up the study of advertising and graphic design.

After college I chose to work in the advertising field, thinking that the artist in me would be fully satisfied. I soon realized, however, that I didn’t want to follow dry, creative guidelines, but needed to work on my own.

I started painting and doing industrial design in metal, wood and glass; the latter field being a good opportunity for me to combine my love for two very different things: Art and Functional Thinking.

This also reflects on my paintings: I work both in a very personal way as well as in a very graphic, computeroriented one.

Influenced by Popart, Realism and Expressionism my work shows my attempt to understand my thoughts and emotions towards life and its people.

I try to establish my own style and technique by painting several pictures in one paintingand not covering the image below with the images above, allowing the viewer to see all the images at the same time I achieve that using colors from different families and combining those, with the same intensity.

Yo u r  e y e s  d o  t h e  r e s t .