Terms and Conditions


Order, Payment, Pickup and Delivery


Please send us an email with your order or

call us under +43 (0) 676 93 730 73.


we only send out the product when we received your payment.in advance.


Herwig Peschka

Erste Bank

BLZ: 20111

Konto Nr. 286 366 356 01

Delivery Time

3-4 weeks from the day you placed the order.

Pick up

you can pick up the ready reproduction yourself at.

Wohlleb Rahmen GmbH

Dreherstraße 13

A-1110 Wien

Tel. +43 / 1 / 769 69 36 – 0

Fax +43 / 1 / 769 10 54

E-Mail: office@wohlleb.at


Montag – Donnerstag 8.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr

Freitag                     8.00 Uhr bis 13.00 Uhr

or we can send it to you.

Please notice following delivery costs.

Delivery within Austria / Reproduktion

-150cm Umfang – 10 euro

-200cm Umfang – 15 euro

-300cm Umfang – 25 euro

-400cm Umfang – 35 euro

-500cm Umfang – 45 euro

-600cm Umfang – on demand.


The reproduction is wrapped in silkpaper, rolled and packed in carton.

This way damage is almost not possible.

!Advice! Probably you can frame the print yourself at a store close to you.

This can safe you money with big-size prints, since we just have to send the reproduction in a roll.

Please let us know in advance. Thanks.

Within Austria the product is insured by EMS.

Delivery within the EC and other countries.

Delivery costs on demand.